about us
Annir is an independent, neutral, and non-political Libyan initiative concerned with digital space matters in Libya. Specializes in spreading digital awareness and knowledge, advocating for digital rights and safety, in addition to spreading the culture of combating misinformation.
Our Goals
Aims to raise the level of digital awareness among Internet users, educate users about their rights and ways to protect themselves in digital spaces and spread a culture of fact-checking, critical thinking, and digital rights advocacy
Our Vision
Contributing to providing a safer Internet experience and building a society that is conscious of the issues of the digital space.
Our Means
Use of innovative methods to spread awareness about digital safety practices and fact-checking based on engagement, critical analysis, and bottom-up dialogue with the public.
About Annir
Annir, in the ancient Libyan language -Tamazight-, means the lantern or the source of light. Throughout the ages, light has always been associated with truth and salvation. At Annir, we seek to embody this meaning to be a lantern that shines light in the darkness of false news and misleading information, guiding lost people to a safer Internet experience.
How did Annir start

After a number of separate projects concerned with digital space affairs in Libya, Hexa Connection decided to focus its efforts on a comprehensive initiative launched in late 2020, with the priority of spreading the culture of combating misinformation coinciding with the spread of COVID-19 and the waves of false and misleading information that related to the pandemic. Annir grew through time to cover a wide range of issues in the Libyan digital space.

Ownership and funding

Annir is an initiative of Hexa Connection (HC), a non-profit organization concerned with technological development, based in Tripoli, and operates according to the legislation of the State of Libya. Hexa Connection incubates Annir administratively and finances the initiative through independent and neutral funds. while ensuring Annir’s technical independency.

Technological support to Annir is delightfully provided by Ānhi OÜ