about us
Annir is a Libyan, independent, apolitical platform, working towards cyber-hygiene awareness and fact-checking false and misleading information.
Our Goals
Annir aims to raise users' awareness of ways to protect themselves online and to spread the culture of fact-checking information found online.
Our Vision
Towards a well-informed community about the safe practices of cyber-hygiene, aware of the nature of the information they’re perceiving,and responsible for the content they share with their peers.
Our Means
Use of innovative methods to spread awareness about digital safety practices and fact-checking based on engagement, critical analysis, and bottom-up dialogue with the public.
About Annir
Light has always symbolized truth, in Numidian language, Annir means Lantern, meanwhile, in the Arabic language, it means path of salvation. Annir is seeks to embody both meanings to be the lantern in the path of finding the truth behind the misinformation and false news, and a mean to secure a safer web-browsing experience.
Who are we?

Annir is a Libyan, independent, apolitical platform, working towards cyber-hygiene awareness and fact-checking false and misleading information. It was founded in 2020, it takes from the internet as a platform for itself. Annir aims to raise citizens’  awareness of the safe practices needed to have a safer web-browsing experience. Annir broadcasts awareness content about digital safety and it tracks and fact-checks misinformation that are widely spread over social media.

Fact-checking methodology

When it comes to fact-checking, Annir is committed to the principles of neutrality and transparency, and following standards that are used by international fact-checking agencies.

Annir’s follows an accurate and precise mechanism that includes the following:

  • Fact-checking news in a complete and elaborative way. Team members of Annir break down the content into smaller pieces of information, then verifies the authenticity of the information as well as the relationship between them. 

  • verifying all different elements of the content, including written text, images, videos by using commonly used tools in the field.

  • Collecting as much clues as possible, and tracing back the source of the news

  • verifying the credibility of the information from official sources, and by contacting relative authorities.

In the fact-checking process, Annir’s team does the following:

  • Tracks down trending news that follow our policies 

  • Verifies the claims and the information  mentioned in the content by following our fact-checking methodology.

  • A primary fact-checker is assigned to that particular content and assumes responsibility of validating the news and reporting their discovery journey.

  • A secondary fact-checker is assigned to validate the fact-checking results.

  • The result of fact-checking is then confirmed and the results get drafted into a content that is suitable to be published on the platform.

Types of targeted news:

Annir focuses on a particular types of news that it tracks and fact-checks, and it includes:

  • Trending news that is a threat to the stability and the social cohesin of the community.

  • News that is directly concerned about the rights and the needs of the libyan citizen, such as the security situation, banking, fuel, health, telecommunications, and other sensitive news.

  • News related to governmental decisions. 

  • Economic and social news.

  • News related to the municipal council elections.

  • International News related to the Libyan matter.

  • Trending local and international news that are being handled by the libyan social media.

  • Scientific investigations and diminishing superstitious beliefs.

Annir’s Content’s Classifications 

We find that labeling content to only ‘true’ or ‘false’ is very abstract, and it could strip the fact-checking process from its accuracy. Therefore, Annir has adopted a classification system that relies on the nature of the claims and information within the content. 

Annir classified content according to the outputs of the fact-checking process into:

True: the main idea of the content and all information mentioned are accurate.

Fale: the main idea of the content and information mentioned are inaccurate.

Misleading: Content includes both accurate and inaccurate information, and the purpose of the content is to deceive or to enforce hate speech and stereotypes, or it includes irrelevant information that is quoted out of context.

Selective: Contains a valid claim but it is missing essential information which is intentionally obstructed, to promote specific parts of the news while neglecting other parts.

Satire: Content that is intentionally sarcastic but may contain accurate and inaccurate information or both.

Myth: contains irrational claims, usually related to cultural, and social beliefs that is not based on science nor knowledge.

Raising Awareness methodology

Annir’s goals revolve around raising awareness, Annir focuses on spreading awareness on cyber-hygiene practices and shaping citizen’s own media awareness.

 Annir follows an effective spreading awareness methodology that includes the following:

  • Understanding its audience and prioritizing its needs by making periodic surveys and getting feedback through our platform.

  • Design a suitable content plan for raising awareness, dividing topics into smaller pieces of information that can be easily understood by the reader.

  • Relying on  credible sources, scientific research that are related to the subjects we address.

  • Investigating the objectivity of the sources we use and ensure that they are not biased towards certain ideology.

   Annir also seeks to include the public into its raising awareness process by:

  • Getting closer to the target audience by following a bottom-up approach in content creation, and using audience-friendly methods to gain trust.

  • Using interactive awareness-raising methods with the public through the website and social media.

  • Opening a channel for dialogue with the public through discussing cyber-hygiene topics with the audience and being receptive to their opinions and requests.

Annir is one of the projects of Hexa Connection in partnership with Anhi.io